My style

My philosophy is about documenting the real, raw, and authentic love — like when you first see him waiting for you at the end of the aisle; when your dad gets choked up giving his reception speech; when your new spouse grabs your hand under the table when no-one's looking. My photos are meant to freeze time for just a moment, allowing you to truly remember what it felt like to be there.

If you’re after someone to authentically tell your story, embrace the little moments and showcase the real connection you share with your person, then swipe right on me because I'm here for that sappy magic. If you’re scrapping traditions that don’t resonate with you, embracing what matters and prioritizing your unique story over everything else, you couldn’t keep me away if you tried. Heck, if you’re in love and looking for a photographer to help bring a little magic to your day and work to document the real moments that transpire on a wedding day, I am your girl

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